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The grief and loss experienced in the SA bushfires

Posted by Kate Moody

The heartbreak & loss experienced in the SA bushfires

Credit to photo & poem is Gary Mathews from South Australia, Stockport - recently affected by the fires.

I have been deeply touched by the recent SA fires and the trial of immense loss and devastation that has unfolded since Wednesday. 

I'm a country girl at heart from SA. I now live in Melbourne. My parents still live on the farm on YP.

This week I was so deeply concerned and feeling for the animals, people and family and friends in this area - knowing how quickly & harshly these spring / summer fires can bring devastation and loss to the land and people....just like that!

My thoughts and prayers are with you all, your family, & your community during this time of rebuilding and recovering.

Warmest wishes of strength & hope.

I came across this beautiful piece of writing by Gary Mathews a local resident affected by the fires -  about the people who have been affected by the recent South Australian fires. My heart goes out to you all.
"Thankfully the fire is finally under control, By the grace of God, our property was spared, only by 500 metres.
As the media attention fades and turns to how well the pink ball will last in cricket.
Being so close our phones are full of photos that we could post, or we could put up our drone to show you the blackened landscape. Some of the best land in SA that now looks like a desert.

What these photos can't show you, is the heartache, that it is for some of our neighbours to be burnt out two years in row. They can't show you the grief, from loss of life, of those we know or have heard of and their stories that go with them. Pictures can't show you the heartbreak of watching your sheds or your house that you lived and raised your children, in many cases the same as your Father, grandfather or even further has, been burnt to the ground, knowing there is nothing you can do.

They can't show you the emotions of seeing the farm shearing shed destroyed a place full of the smell of lanoline, that has been home to many a story and yarn over a cup of tea between runs at smoko. Photos can't show what it is like to see new machinery or faithful old girls, that you have spent many hours driving, maintaining, that share a place of pride, turn into burnt out piles of rusty steel. 

They can't show you the feeling of seeing trees that have provided shelter and shade for hundreds of years fallen and burnt.
They can never show you, livestock, that have provided you with an income, but also hold a piece of your heart, to find them blackened and dead, or have to destroy those ones who have survived the fire but would not survive the burns they received. Pictures can't show the smell of hair or burnt wool.
Pictures can't show you the overwhelming feeling of loss of your companion -  your loyal and loving Kelpie that would work along your side day in and day out. And not to mention the loss of your beloved pets that brought so much joy to your family.
Pictures can't show the feelings of watching a haystack, keep burning for days, some of the best hay that has been grown for years, hay that has been put away without any rain on it that gave some comfort to the dry finish of this year.
Pictures can't show the feeling of unfinishness, of not being able to put a header into a crop, that you have sown, planned and toiled over all year. To take them from a seed through weeds, rust, frost and and an extremely dry finish to see them gone in seconds.To see your work of stubble retention and direct drilling to build your soils turn to a dust bowl.
It can't show you the feelings as suited politicians, with a managed background offer you money for a tooth brush and a clean undies to show the city folk voters, they care and have an understanding of what has happened.
They can't show you what it would be like to look over your farm, with the smell of ash and smoke in your nostrils and not know where to start.
Pictures also can't show you the relief, when you find your family, your beloved pets, your neighbours are OK after seeing the fierceness and anger of this fire. 
Pictures also can't show, you the feelings of those of us who are along side of you, have been amongst you the last few days but have been spared as we start our headers again, as we go to the silos you planned to go. To put grain in the grids yours should be! or livestock for sale in the yards yours were planned to be.
Our hearts break for you.
I'm sure we also speak for every other farmer, who all may not fully know what your going through, but all certainly understand as only a farmer can. We are all thinking of you, encourage you and will help you in way we can to get up and go around again.
May strength and hope be with all the farmers on this land during their  rebirth, renewal, rebuilding and recovery process."

My thoughts, prayers & candle lights are with all the people who have been affected by the recent South Australian fires - including the fire fighters who put their life on the line to save lives.

In prayer & love,
Kate xx

In honour to firemen

Posted by Kate Moody

In honour of Firemen

My father was fireman.
He drove a big red truck and when he'd go to work each day
he'd say, "Mother wish me luck."
Then Dad would not come home again
'til sometime the next day.

But the thing that bothered me the most
was the thing's some folks would say,
"A fireman's life is easy,
he eats and sleeps and plays,
and sometimes he wont fight a fire
for days and days."

When I first heard these words
I was young to understand
but I knew when people had trouble
Dad was there to lend a hand.
then my father went to work one day
and kissed us all goodbye
but little did we realizes
that night we all would cry.

My father lost his life that night
when the floor gave way below
and I'd wondered why he'd risk his life
for someone he did not know.
But not I truly realize
the greatest gift a man can give
is to lay his life upon the line
so that someone else might live.

So as we go from day to day
and we pray to God above
say a prayer for your local fireman.
He may save the one's you love.

~ Unknown ~

Gratitude on thanksgiving

Posted by Kate Moody


Today is thanksgiving in the US.

All day I've been receiving a flow of such lovely words of appreciation in my inbox, from all my US clients who have been reflecting upon the gratitude they feel from experiencing the work and healing within my coaching programs.

My heart has been warmed with the gratitude and love for the work that I do and for these beautiful clients. I'm deeply grateful for my own personal life experiences, lessons, the growth & hardships and professional trainings that allow me to do what I do for my clients, today.

A smile has definitely been left on my face & heart today from this beautiful client's expression of gratitude:

"Dear Kate, I have been meaning to email you. Since I read that article that you wrote, it changed my view on CFS and how I can win the battle. Then, I contacted you and you were so nice and generous to take time to speak with me. I would have never started acupuncture and yoga if I had not read about it in your article and then talked to you about it. And, I have been improved greatly.

Kate, thank you for your words, your time, your generosity, and well wishes. Your story and advise has been a huge part in my healing. You have made a difference half way around the world. God blessed me with getting in touch with you and talking with you. I hope this puts a smile on your face and this is a reminder that you are a blessing to many. With much gratitude and love on this day. Sincerely, Gab"

Awww.....gratitude for the gift of giving back to life!

What are you grateful for?

Kate xx

How diet transformed my autoimmune disease

Posted by Kate Moody

How diet transformed
my autoimmune disease


For fifteen years I lived a ceaselessly busy life, driven by a constant need to achieve and a tireless commitment to my corporate profession.

I had lived a good part of my life very actively pursuing my life goals and being physically fit. For over 10 years, I had been constantly pushing myself beyond my limits on all levels, and ignoring my body’s need for rest and nourishment.

Right up until I came crashing down with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) I had been burning the candle at both ends. My body was often in a state of 'flight and fight' mode, with the pressures and deadlines of a corporate career.  At the end of the day, I was trying to be everything to everyone ~ to family, to career, to contributing to communities, and to my own personal commitments with study and fitness. 

Towards the end of my corporate career in 2009, I started to suffer severe lower back pain and burnout that gradually led to glandular fever. I also developed the Epstein-Barr virus, intolerances to foods, a constant sore throat and swollen glands, muscle weakness and pain, and then debilitating chronic fatigue. This resulted in my life turning upside down.

At the peak of my youth (31 years) I experienced the grief of losing my 'independence' identity, and life as I once knew it.

I felt the betrayal of my body, as my body began to breakdown. I withdrew from the world in solitude to consciously heal my body, mind and energy system for 2.5 years.  

The fatigue was absolutely devastating and overwhelming. For 12 months a heavy blanket of fatigue, exhaustion, lethargy and grief pressed down upon my body, mind and energy system. For example, the 8 meter walk or (sometimes crawl) from my bed to the shower became an exhausting task. After a shower I would often have to rest and recover in bed for the rest of the day. The simple pleasure and movement of patting my cat became unbearable to do. I went from being superwoman to being bedridden 24/7. The acute stage of the chronic fatigue syndrome over 12 months was a very raw, vulnerable, fragile and painful experience on all levels – physically, mentally and emotionally.

At 31 years, I was on the brink of accepting my situation, when I had a near-death experience.

My organs began to shut down. 

In my reading and research to understand the illness of CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), I came across a medical report journal where a well known CFS GP specialist writes -  'people with this illness experience every day what cancer and AIDS patients who are dying experience three months before their deaths.'  

 I can strongly relate to this statement –  when I was bedridden in the very beginning of the illness for 6 months and during my severe 'energy/fatigue crashes' over a period of 2 years.  I could literally feel my organs and physical systems beginning to shut down. It was like I was beginning to rot from the inside out. I can remember thinking – "okay, is this what it is like to be dying, to be facing my mortality and surrendering to the process on a soul level to either living or dying." 

For me the choice became simple: change or die.  In my research and consulting a medical nutritionists who practices with a western and eastern framework, I learnt that health issues concerning an autoimmune disease stem from problems within the gut.

Rather than simply managing my symptoms, I approached my illness using a combination of  yoga, meditation, acupuncture, supplementation,  and restructuring my diet and lifestyle.    

The human body is a remarkable creation, but it needs to be cared for.  And I had to learn how to do this, in order to rebuild my health and life. 


Within six months of changing my diet, I was no longer waking up in the middle of the night with night sweats, my insomnia became less and less. My body mobility and mental clarity all improved, my digestive system started to heal - for the first time I was having "normal" pooh stools,  and I was slowly gaining vitality and strength within my body each day.

It's impossible to say if there was any single aspect of my treatment that was more effective than other aspects, but one thing was clear, the foods I ate had a direct impact on how I felt and cleared up all pain and discomfort through the body that was connected to my digestive system.

What I changed about my diet

From 2011, I cut sugar, dairy and grains out of my diet and focused on a largely plant based diet supplementing grass fed meat (organic chicken) and wild seafood. I eliminated all alcohol and preservatives from my diet. Increased my intake of water. Every morning I had a lemon squeezed into warm water and had a litre of diluted apple cider vinegar in warm water.

Every year since 2010, when I was diagnosed with CFS - I have been having 6 month blood tests to check where all my chemistry, cells and platelets have been at.    In 2015, (4.5 years from my diagnosis) - my last blood test result confirmed that I no longer have an autoimmune disease.  My blood results now reflects the radiant vitality I feel throughout my body, mind & energy.

 As I continued on my journey, now recovered from CFS -  my body has changed shape; I have
 became more flexible, and rediscovered my inner athlete and dancer. 

With developing a nutrition healing plan, allow your body to guide you to the right nutritional practitioner for you - ie naturopath, or an auveydic nutrionists.

The keys to my nutrition
  •  Eating lightly and regularly (gluten, sugar & diary free).  This helped to balance the low blood pressure and stablise my sugar levels.
  • I worked with an ayurvedic nutritional consultant and naturopath to devise an eating plan, and of course always listening to my body as to what it needed.   Listening to my body was always the best guide for my eating.
  • My digestion system has begun to shut down, so for a while I could only have fluids and eat very lightly (with foods that were easy to digest) - warm slightly cooked foods, fruit & vegetables.
  • The key to increase my energy levels was spirulina an organic green powder form.

Please note:
  I'm not trained as a practitioner to give nutritional advice.  However, what I do share is what has worked for myself - my nutritional advice is not a "prescription" - merely guidance from personal experience.  Therefore, I do recommend you seek nutritional advice from a health professional.   Feel free to touch base with myself for Practitioner recommendations  - the key people I worked with in Australia. And some of these practitioner's do provide Skype consultations.

I approached my healing at the very beginning with no medication.  My wellness support team were an acupuncturists, and auveydic massage therapist and nutritionists.  Yoga, meditation, relaxation, nature, working with the natural sunlight and my spirituality were all keys to my recovery over these last 5 years. 

The greatest lessons I have learned from my recovery journey over these past 4 years, is that it taught me to be:
 1) Profoundly responsible and active in my healing process and every day maintenance of my body,
2) Increased my awareness around foods and labels and;
 3) that the body does know how to heal itself when we are prepared to accept change and create a nurturing environment for healing to unfold.

For any consultations or conversation that you would like to have about your healing and recovery process, please touch base with me at

I am deeply passionate about bringing simplicity into all areas of life, healing and living.



Approaching Life with Curiosity

Posted by Kate Moody

How can you bring more curiosity & wonder into your day?

When we don't cover up the world with words and labels, a sense of depth, compassion & curiosity returns to our lives.

Life, things and your perception of the place you are right now in your life regains a newness, a freshness, a sense of aliveness and new meaning.

For me, as each year passes I begin to see more clearly the beautiful perfection of the imperfection of how my life has unfolded to date with all the lessons, the challenges, the gifts & wisdom that have arisen from my path that has brought me to this place.

Within each of us there is a core – our life essence and our orginal Self. It is the purpose of our lives to find our essence and our birthright to express our true nature in a way that is authentically true to each of us. Even our most painful experiences in life can serve that purpose – to surrender to not knowing, and to embrace the imperfection & sometimes challenging path of existence.

Here is a wonderful thought provoking talk by Elizabeth Gilbert on following our sense of curiosity & wonder through life ~ without judgement:

“This place where you’re right now – God/creator circled on a map for you. Wherever your eyes, heart and mind turn against the sky. The beloved bowed there, knowing you were coming. Holding that place for you.” ~ Hafiz

6 Day Yoga & Breathwork Retreat

Posted by Kate Moody


with Alakh Analda & Kate Moody 
~ 2016 ~

It is with a great deal of delight I'm looking forward to co-facilitating a retreat with one of my inspiring teachers ~ Alakh Analada. She comes with a wealth of knowledge and compassion for life, teaching and living.

The training material has been developed by Alakh ( Swami Alakhmurti ) from both of her roles as a swami (yoga monk initiate) and yoga teacher in the ashram of Swami Satyananda in India where she lived from 1977 – 1986. She also has been a professional breathworker in the west since 1987.

This retreat is exploring each chakra's consciousness & psychology through yoga kriyas, theory sessions, chanting and breathwork. 

♥ everyone who would like to develop an effective personal yoga practice
♥ those who want to explore breathwork & yoga in more depth
♥ anyone considering joining Alakh Analda’s ‘Self Mastery’ Breathwork Training course 

 For further information ~ feel free to follow the link{%22surface%22%3A%22permalink%22%2C%22mechanism%22%3A%22surface%22%2C%22extra_data%22%3A%5B%5D}%5D

Kate x

The menstrual cycle

Posted by Kate Moody

The menstrual cycle is about womens’ energy and power; the power to be, to restore, to receive & to create.

By Kate Moody & Katherine Smith

As published in the My Tiny Secrets online magazine

Throughout history different cultures attitudes towards menstruation and menstrual blood have varied. This has ranged from menstrual blood being viewed as sacred, healing and powerful, to being feared as dangerous and unclean.

For instance in the Bible it is written:

And if a women has an issue, and her issue is her flesh be blood, she shall be put apart seven days: and whosoever touches her shall be unclean until even….” [Levitious 15: 19-30].

This is the basis upon which the Jewish tradition deems women ritually unclean and impure whilst menstruating. Menstrual taboos from the Greco-Roman culture feared that menstrual blood soured wine, made crops wither, caused fruit to fall off trees, and dulled the edge of steel, and so forth ~ that’s some power!

Today, in Western society, much of the language and attitude surrounding menstruation is negative such as referring to menstruation as the “curse.”

Many women view their monthly bleeding as burdensome and inconvenient.  That is until they want to become pregnant. Also our Western culture to a large degree suppresses and denies our fertility and femininity, and the menstrual cycle.

In ancient traditional tribal cultures a girl’s entry into womanhood as symbolized by her first period is celebrated and honored.

The Sacredness Of Menstruation In Traditional Tribal Cultures

#1 Sacredness of Menstruation in the Apache Indian Tribe

Apache Indian girls are sprinkled with pollen from the stamen of flowers, representing their blossoming fertility, and there is a four day long ceremony. This is somewhat different from the approach of being handed a pack of sanitary pads and being advised that the best form of contraception is to say “no”.  This pretty much sums up the education we were both given as teenagers in the 1970’s / 80’s about menstruation and sexuality.

#2 Sacredness of Menstruation in the Dogon Tribe

The Dogon tribe in Africa have a special designated menstrual hut to go to. This is not because they are seen as unclean, but to give them the space to practice their special shamanic powers that are heightened during menstruation.

#3 Sacredness of Menstruation among Native American

The Native American Indian “moon lodge” had a similar purpose. Menstruation was considered a powerful time by the whole tribe for visioning and attaining guidance for the tribe. Hence, the Native American Indian saying, ” the fastest way to destroy a tribe is to first destroy the moon lodge.” Aboriginal women’s rituals around menarche and menstruation are based on fasting and developing their spiritual practices.

Sadly this ancient knowledge and understanding of the spiritual power and connection of the menstrual cycle has not been passed down through the generations to the modern woman.

Menstruation – A Time To Tap Into Feminine Power, Fertility & Creativity

This is truly a sacred time for a woman to tap into her feminine power, fertility, creativity and nurturing spirit. The menstrual cycle is about women’s energy and power; the power to be, to restore, to receive and to create.

We have found through our own personal experience that it’s important to take the time to honour the first 2 days of our bleeding [moontime].  It is by resting and allowing our awareness to be drawn inwards that enables the richness of deep connection to strengthen our intuition, inspiration, creativity, feminine wisdom, internal guidance and spiritual awakening.

The Importance Of Your Moon Time (Bleeding)

During your moon time your physical energy will be lower, but your intuition and sensitivity will be heightened. Therefore it is a time for quiet reflection, to tap into your inner needs and knowing. This is why menstruation is a gift.  Tribal cultures recognized this and created the time and space for ritual and spiritual practice.

If you don’t do this you will drain the cellular energy reserves of your ovaries and adrenal glands. This will affect your fertility, hormonal balance, and ultimately how easy or difficult your transition through menopause is. Although symptoms such as PMS and period pain are associated with menstruation, they are not the same thing. Any menstrual distress you experience is your body showing you that things are out of balance.

7 Ways To Empower Yourself During Your Menstruation

Feel free to explore and play with the following suggestions as ways to honor YOU when you’re menstruating:

#1     Keep yourself warm, especially your abdomen, lower back and feet.

#2     Go to bed early, especially on the first day of bleeding.

#3     You may like to spend time journaling to express your feelings and record      insights, inner messages and dreams.

#4     Spend time in nature and in meditation.

#5     Notice how you think and feel about your moonflow.

#6     Reflect and ask yourself if there is anything you need to let go of in your life in order to make space for the new?

#7     Make friends with your cycle ~ discover what you need, such as time out, a change of pace, and asking for support.

Would you like to deepen the connection to your menstrual cycle?

If you would like to discover or deepen the connection to your menstrual cycle then feel free to consider our women’s workshops and retreats in Australia and Bali.  We love to create sacred and safe spaces for women to explore the power of their feminine cycle - and are open to travelling to your area for a Sacred Menstrual Wellbeing Retreat.  All you need to do, is gather 8x women together and know of a nurturing  venue to hold either a 1 day or 2 day retreat - and we can come to you!  Feel free to reach us on - 0439 995 730. 

Our next Menstrual Wellbeing workshop will be held in Melbourne, Australia.  For further details, feel free to explore our website here.

Moontime blessings & wellbeing to you,

Katherine and Kate xx

Your Radiant Life Mentoring Program

Posted by Kate Moody

Your Radiant Life

12 Month Mentoring Program


I believe that we can have it all – health, prosperity, amazing relationships, connection with all, happiness, support, deep meaning, love, empowerment, passion and A NOURISHING LIFESTYLE.

My life’s mission is to help people to bring great sovereignty & simplicity into their life by reducing the clutter, chaos & complexity in all areas of their life, & discover their Core Life Principles. I see that my personal life and business are really married into one, by the key principles that sustain my wellbeing and a nourishing lifestyle. 

 If what I’m sharing resonates with you, please keep reading!

Is this year long mentoring program for you?

Kate works with women and entrepreneurs who are serious about making a difference on the plant, by taking profound responsibility for their health, emotional wellbeing, happiness and prosperity. She works with those who have a great work ethic, who have integrity with other women & their clients,  are positive & optimistic, willing to learn and grow, and determined to overcome all the obstacles & challenges that are presented to them. This program is definitely not about a ‘get-rich-quick’ & ‘be healed’ scheme!  It’s a deep transformational journey that one embarks upon, taking profound responsibility along the way.  The mentoring program is based upon a unique, powerful and nurturing program of emotional healing, intellectual mindfulness and spiritual awareness.

Kate feels that the process of developing your own thriving wellness and mind-set is one of the most worthwhile things you can do in life – as it gives you better health AND sets up you up to be financially free. 

Who is Kate’s Business Mentoring Program for?

  • Women who recognise the need to restore their health or business - or both; and start rebuilding an authentic and empowered foundation in their life? 
  • Perhaps you're running a business?  Women with an entrepreneurial spirit & sense (e.g. business owners,  professionals)
  • Women who want to live what they teach, and centre a business around their heart’s calling, health, happiness and prosperity
  • People who want to love what they do for work
  • Women with a strong desire to transition from a traditional or corporate job into owning their own business
  • Successful women that want to reinvent their lives, and align their work with their life values & heart’s desires
  • Self starters who want to create an additional income stream and/or thriving business
  • Successful coaches and wellness professionals who want to integrate residual income into what they’re currently doing
  • People who are coachable, willing to grow, and want to learn
  • Women who are ready to step up to the next level of personal development within their lives and professional careers.


Please note:   Kate also offers a soulful transformative VIP Day & 6 month program in designing your life & business. These mentoring programs are designed to meet you where you're at within your life. the experience is available in person and/or Skype sessions.  

For more information about the VIP day intensive,  6 month & 12 month mentoring programs,  please contact Kate at to organise a phone or Skype call to see if this program and working with Kate, is for you!

During 2016,  Kate is only working with 10 women in her 12 month transformative mentoring program ~ now is the time to express your interest. There are only 6 spaces left.    


“ I am so glad I followed my intuition and asked Kate to support me on my journey to develop and grow my business in a way that nurtured me and allows me to live with a sense of purpose and joy.

Kate is a fine example of living her life with a sense of purpose, radiant health and joy, and it’s a true gift she is passing on to others.

Thank you so much, Kate. “ ~ Tanya,  founder of Moon Tribe ~ Fertility yoga teacher & coach.

"Thank you so much Kate, for the simplicity, compassion, acceptance, empowerment, and guidance over the 6 month journey together. I started with you, feeling very overwhelmed, confused & unsure of my direction after I left my Corporate career. Your encouragement, the gift of insight you have with people & their gifts & purpose, and your patience with my internal process during this mentoring program has given me the clarity & confidence to move forward with my life...for the first time with passion, purpose & joy.   You have a beautiful gift of bringing out the best in people & their current situation in their life, and guiding people through the chaos into clarity and vision ." ~ Clare,  Personal Trainer & Life Coach   

Restoration yoga class

Posted by Kate Moody


This coming Sunday morning, I am look forward to offering a nourishing yoga and self-enquiry practice that will invite you to rest deeply within & become aware of where you're at within yourself.

These restoration classes are guaranteed to leave you feeling deeply relaxed, & renewed with a sense of aliveness & connection to your life.

♥ Are YOU yearning to have time out, stillness, silence & nourishment for just YOU?

♥ Are you struggling to manage your energy levels & create time for self-care?

♥ Are YOU feeling tired & depleted with your energy?

♥ Are YOU recovering from a health crisis, illness? OR;

♥ Are YOU just needing to take time out for you?

These monthly Sunday morning, restorative yoga classes for women ~invite you to experience a special quality of nourishing stillness, an aliveness of peace & serenity, and feel more connected to the wisdom of your body & intuition. These classes are all about re-setting the nervous system and deeply nourishing your being from inside out.

More information in the below facebook link ~ .

Kate x

Self Nurture & Compassion

Posted by Kate Moody

I talk a lot about self nurture and compassion in my newsletters, blog and work with clients. There's a very good reason for this - taking care of yourself with love and kindness is absolutely vital to healing and living a life of radiant wellbeing. 

Trust me, I wouldn't talk about it so much if it weren't true!

This is why this month I'm spending 10 wonderful days with my family back home in South Australia. It's wonderful to be spending time with family, being in nature and really taking some time to nurture my body, mind and spirit.

There are many different ways we can practice self nurture and compassion, and one of these is self forgiveness.

Nurturing our vulnerabilities, needs and wellbeing is forgiving ourselves for being so hard on ourselves with high expectations and standards. So often we think we need to be everything to everyone!

This week, try to be kind to yourself. Recognise that nobody is perfect - not even you! Allow any resentment you feel towards yourself to melt away as you shower yourself with self love and compassion. 

An empowering action step:

Notice the words you use when you talk to yourself (in your mind or out loud). Are they kind and loving? Or cruel? Are you encouraging to yourself, or unkind? Take notice of these phrases as they will show you where you may need to do some self forgiveness. Look at yourself in the mirror and say out loud 'I love you. I forgive you and I love you.' 

I encourage you to take some time this week and watch this wonderful short film by Dr Wayne Dyer on self forgiveness and compassion.

You may also like to explore my uniquely feminine ~ "A Women's Restoration Retreat Day". These offer you the exploration and healing benefits of silence, stillness and quiet reflection.

With love as always,

Kate xx

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