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Cultivating inner silence

Posted by Kate Moody

Cultivating Inner Silence


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All spiritual traditions speak of the silence within.  Inner silence quietens the internal chatter within the mind, making it possible for the heart to recall its inherent nature of compassion and wisdom.

When we enter silence, we enter the heart.  Silence is an integral component of meditation, and can be experienced within restorative yoga and relaxations.

Cultivating inner silence is a powerful means of awakening intuition, illuminating our path in life and nurturing our vision and dreams. 

Resting within the silence of our being, brings us healthy love, emotional healing, hope and most importantly peace of mind.


Healing relaxation to cultivate inner silence

1. Take a moment to lie upon the earth or find a quiet place within your home. Maybe play soft relaxing music in the background and even lighting a candle to set the intention to connect with your inner silence within.


2. Begin to bring your awareness to your breath, as you begin to breath in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Observing the rise and fall of your chest, and the quality, texture and rhythm of your breathing. (Just simply be with your breath for 2-5 minutes)


3. Begin to bring your awareness to your body. Observing how your body feels – noticing where you are feeling the tightness, tension and those parts of your body calling out for your loving attention.


4. Then begin to take your awareness down to your feet.  On your in breath, begin to tighten the muscles through your feet, and on your out breath, allowing the muscles to let go. 


5. Allowing your awareness to rise up into your calf muscles.  Breathing in and tightening the muscles within your lower legs….. holding, and on the out breath, allowing the muscles to let go and relax.


6. And then systematically allowing your awareness to rise up towards the crown, entering into the different areas of the body over the next 20 minutes ~ the buttocks, the abdominals, the chest, shoulders, the arms, the palms and eventually the neck and face.   As you arrive to each part of the body, tightening the muscles in this area on the in breath and on the outbreath, allowing the muscles to relax and let go.


7. As your awareness rises to your crown, gradually allow your attention to flow and rest in the area of your heart.


8. On every outbreath, surrendering into the silence and stillness within your heart.  Allowing your awareness to be folded within the nurturing healing light of your heart.  Resting quietly within for 5 minutes.


9. Beginning to bring your awareness back to your breath and allowing your attention to flow to the crown of your head.  Visualising a warm healing radiant light just above the crown of your head.  On every in breath, breathing the healing rays of light down through the crown and visualising the light cascading down through the body, revitalising the body, your cells and organs from inside out.  Repeating this 3x times, visualising the healing light re-awakening and nourishing your body from inside out.


10. Begin to deepen your breath, and slowly awaken your body by moving your fingers, toes, rotating the ankles, feet, the wrist and hands. Intuitively moving or stretching your body that feels right and nurturing for you. 


11. Bringing your left hand to your heart, your right hand over your navel, and breathing deeply down into your belly as you allow your heart to fill with gratitude for everything that has been, is and will unfold within your life.

12. With a slow, nourishing breath, turn your attention back inside your heart and ask yourself, "What do I need today to bring nourishment and healing back into my body and life?"

13.  Whatever it is, honour the response you receive through your thoughts or feelings, and take that action today.


Feel free to share your experiences with the above healing relaxation.


with love,



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