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Gratitude on thanksgiving

Posted by Kate Moody


Today is thanksgiving in the US.

All day I've been receiving a flow of such lovely words of appreciation in my inbox, from all my US clients who have been reflecting upon the gratitude they feel from experiencing the work and healing within my coaching programs.

My heart has been warmed with the gratitude and love for the work that I do and for these beautiful clients. I'm deeply grateful for my own personal life experiences, lessons, the growth & hardships and professional trainings that allow me to do what I do for my clients, today.

A smile has definitely been left on my face & heart today from this beautiful client's expression of gratitude:

"Dear Kate, I have been meaning to email you. Since I read that article that you wrote, it changed my view on CFS and how I can win the battle. Then, I contacted you and you were so nice and generous to take time to speak with me. I would have never started acupuncture and yoga if I had not read about it in your article and then talked to you about it. And, I have been improved greatly.

Kate, thank you for your words, your time, your generosity, and well wishes. Your story and advise has been a huge part in my healing. You have made a difference half way around the world. God blessed me with getting in touch with you and talking with you. I hope this puts a smile on your face and this is a reminder that you are a blessing to many. With much gratitude and love on this day. Sincerely, Gab"

Awww.....gratitude for the gift of giving back to life!

What are you grateful for?

Kate xx

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