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Hi! I'm Kate ~ the founder of Radiant Wellbeing.

‘Radiant Wellbeing’ empowers and awakens individuals to their true nature and purpose in life, by offering soulful transformative & restorative mentoring programs, trainings and retreats.

I’m based in Adelaide, South Australia and offer my work as a yoga teacher, a women's wellbeing coach and family constellations facilitator. I'm passionate about guiding women through their healing journey from a health or life crisis, into restoration, clarity and empowerment.

Our health and wellbeing is the most precious resource we can have in our lives.

Due to my own recovery journey from the chronic fatigue syndrome I love to offer women the experience of sacred "rest & restoration". This brings every woman home to her wisdom & true nature. I also specialize in the areas of pre-natal wellbeing, chronic illness and replenishing women's feminine energy & vitality.

All classes, workshops, retreats  and mentoring sessions are about allowing an individual to experience  a state of deep physical relaxation, stillness of mind and body,  and a sense of profound peace, to tap into their body's innate wisdom & intelligence.

The purpose behind my work is to facilitate healing spaces for women to restore their natural energy flow, and to re-discover their natural rhythms. This highlights an importance for self-care, and restores an aliveness of joy, stillness and peace in daily life.

What I'm able to bring to my work with individuals and groups are the key life transforming principles and wisdom that I discovered within my CFS recovery.

I've been on the personal development path for over 15 years, exploring various healing modalities, and unravelling the inner journey into Self. Over the last 10 years,  I have professionally trained as a Family Therapist, Family Constellations facilitator, Pranic Healer, Dru Yoga Teacher, Restorative Yoga Teacher, Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher, Yoga and Tantra Teacher, and Breathwork Practitioner.

In 2014, I was invited to contribute a chapter to a book entitled ‘A Path to Wellness’, that included authors such as Dr John Demartini and Bob Doyle from the documentary ~ “The Secret”. You can purchase your copy of the book here.

Through many varied life experiences, lessons learned and adversities overcome, I've developed a great deal of empathy and compassion for others. This now allows me to walk along side people, meeting them where they’re at with their ‘humanness’ on their personal journey.

I care deeply about people, and offer you an invitation to discover ways to empower greater sovereignty and radiant well-being into your life. Coming home to you is the greatest gift of nourishment you can give to your Self and others around you. 

I’m glad you’re here. Please do look around for the support you need. In my classes, workshops, retreats and mentoring programs I look forward to sharing the key life and wellbeing principles that I live and breathe by, that nourishes and sustains my simple and healthy lifestyle.

Please feel free to connect with me on Facebook where I share snippets of my wellness principles and inspiration, and subscribe to my newsletter by entering your details at the top of this page for monthly tips to help you live a life of radiant wellbeing.

I genuinely enjoy getting to know my online community, and now that you’re part of it I’d love to know you too.

Please feel free to respond with a question or let me know what’s challenging you with your health.

With lots of gratitude for YOU and your life. 


With love,

Kate x


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