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Safer Futures - Domestic Violence Work

During my 3 years in Melbourne I had the privilege to work with an inspiring organisation, and with a dedicated team of professionals that support women and children that are, and have been affected by domestic violence.
I was invited to offer my yoga therapy classes as part of the organistion’s commitment to children and women in assisting the recovery from domestic violence and beginning the journey of rebuilding their lives. Through the combination of yoga, educational group work and therapy this has supported women and children to holistically heal overtime the mind, body and soul, and to reach their potential after the trauma of control, all levels of abuse and violence.
I also had the opportunity to work at their Women's Shelter.  I offered gardening and cooking therapy to the women and children who had only just left their volatile home life and start the rebuilding process of seeking long term accommodation and breaking the cycle of violence in their lives.
With my extensive experience and professional training within domestic violence and Family Therapy, I am now looking forward to offering my Women’s Restorative Yoga Therapy Classes for the recovery from domestic violence in Adelaide.
These classes involve restorative yoga, somatic movement, meditation, and relaxation that facilitate mild stretching to improve flexibility, deep relaxation, and healing of the body on a cellular level. The classes also provide grounding, and a heightened sense of positivity, empowerment and strong connection to self. They facilitate the gentle release of stress and trauma.
Classes are held at a safe and secure venue in Adelaide. These details will be given out in a private message and/or phone call.
For a referral to these classes starting in 2017 or if you’re still experiencing post traumatic stress and recovering from domestic violence feel free to touch base with me here in a private message, or on my number ~ 0439 995 730.  These restorative yoga classes will support the healing and recovery from trauma in the most nourishing and safe approach to your body and mind.

My vision for women & children affected by domestic / family violence: 

Every child, young person and adult has the right to safety, stability and the opportunity to reach their potential. We understand violence in the home is about control, sexually, emotionally, sexually & financial abuse and physical assault. Through my work with various organisations in Melbourne and Adelaide I am passionate about collaborating to create REAL change and promote the awareness around the long term impact and cycle of violence, creating solutions to protect those at risk or experiencing control, abuse and violence, and to have a community united in their commitment to ensure a safe future for all.

My commitment in the area of domestic violence with my work is to provide children and women with education, empowering choices and therapeutic opportunities to holistically heal the mind, body and soul, and to reach their potential after the trauma of control, abuse and violence.

Current statistics in Australia:

* A woman in Australia is killed every five days as a result of intimate partner violence. ( I personally believe this statistic is more)
* 7 in 10 women murdered in Australia are victims of family violence
* Globally 1 in 3 women experience partner violence
* One woman is hospitalised every three hours as a result of family violence
* One in four children in Australia are exposed to domestic violence.
* Children are present in 1 out of every 3 family violence cases reported to police



Women’s Yoga Class with Kate Moody

Women’s yoga is available to women  who have experienced control, abuse and violence in their homes or identify that they are at risk.

Kate offers yoga classes to these women on an ongoing basis throughout the year.  

Kate teaches a yoga and movement class that facilitates mild stretching to improve flexibility, deep relaxation and healing the body on a cellular level to feel more grounded, focused and a heightened sense of positivity and empowerment. These classes are designed to feel safe and nurturing - to just be, relax and gently unwind the tension, tightness and trauma. 

Where to go for support & starting the rebuilding process

For a referral or if you know of anyone who is experiencing domestic violence, or is at risk of their safety  from Domestic Violence please phone any of the main Domestic Violence Service centres in Adelaide:

Northern Domestic Violence Service ~ 08 8255 3622

Eastern Domestic Violence Service ~ 08 8365 5033

Southern Domestic Violence Service  ~ 08 8382 0066

Western Domestic Violence Service ~ 08 8268 7700


The South Australian Homelessness Gateway is a free 24/7 telephone service that helps people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, to access support and emergency accommodation.

Call the Gateway on 1800 003 308


Every woman and child deserves to live in safety and peace. 


Kate x






"Kate's classes have been so healing, nurturing and a safe place.  For almost a year now I have been doing yoga with Kate and it has given me so much of my life back. Pain that has wracked my body all of my life,  has steadily receded and I have movement again in all areas of my life. 

Emotionally, I feel stronger and confident. I have begun to rebuild and plan my life and try new things again. I have  a prolapsed discs ,a torn theacal sac, torn tendons in my arms and shoulder which resulted in frozen shoulder and all of these together crippled me during my adult life. My body is healing and recovering after such a traumatic time, and  I now have mobility and flexibility back in my body and life again.  I'm finally able to work with a Personal Trainer again to increase my fitness.  I have the confidence to look forward to working again and standing independently on my own two feet . Thank you Kate & Safer Futures, for a safe haven of healing, compassion, acceptance and empowerment. "~  M.J [2015] 


Encouraging words from domestic violence survivors:


"Put yourself first. Set little achievable goals for yourself stepping forward and reward yourself."


"Know change comes from within. You cannot change someone to be who they are not."


“Get professional help, and if one doesn’t work….NEVER give up the hope of healing”


"It's a hard journey, it's not easy. But with the love and support of friends and family it is possible to move on and be better. Let them go, even though its painful."


“Focus on the people that support you, love you, and start by you.  Quit stressing over the people that have chosen to believe your abuser’s lies and turned their back on you.  They weren’t meant to complete your journey with you.”


“It takes a lot of strength & courage to leave an abusive relationship, but no one deserves to be abused.  So leaving an abusive relationship is the best gift you could ever give yourself. In the long run, it truly make you feel strong & powerful & make you feel much better about yourself.”


"In all things, self-preservation is key."


"You deserve to be happy. Being abused is NEVER your fault & OK!"


Domestic Violence can happen to anyone."


"Do not be ashamed. No one can help you if you do not tell. You can't do it all yourself, and that's ok."

"It is really hard in the beginning, but it gets better, and life can be amazing after leaving an abusive relationship and violent family life."


"It is better to be alone than to be in an abusive relationship."


"I think educating people about the realities of domestic violence could help form stronger support systems for survivors of abuse."


"You deserve to be happy. Being abused is NEVER your fault! & OK"


"Use your sorrow to grow!"


"Learn to love yourself before jumping into another relationship.  See the patterns in your relationships - the type of partner you continue to attract. Do the inner work and therapy to shift these patterns. You deserve an amazing loving partner and family life. First have that amazing loving relationship with YOU.  Know you! Love you! Love your life before allowing another partner into your personal space"


"I am so much stronger than I ever gave myself credit for."


"Education and awareness is  the key"

































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