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Breathwork Sessions

Whatever your life situation is, how would you feel if you completely accepted it as it is - right now?

Breathwork is a conscious, connected body/breath technique that accesses the awareness of thoughts & decisions that have been formed in the past, and patterns that may be holding you up in the present. 

The process frees up limitations from previous decisions, beliefs or conditioning. Breathwork can reveal that trauma or difficulty in very early life can be released and resolved over time. It can facilitate the process of moving beyond fear, and the core beliefs that may be holding you back, into the freedom you desire in your life.

The practice of breathwork brings more authentic points of choice or 'free-to-be-in-action' instead of reaction to events and people. Sessions are most helpful when you may be experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship issues, transitions, or a desire to create change and transformation in your life.

Before I explored breathwork for the first time 10 years ago, I was working in the corporate sector, deeply unsatisfied with my life, and burnt out. To heal, I got clear on my core values, and made changes to start redesigning my life, that brought soulful meaning and connection to my relationships and career. Now I find myself living a life with purpose and passion as a yoga teacher and as a mentor for people in a health and life crisis, into restoration and empowerment. How things have changed!

For further information or a complimentary chat about a session feel free to touch base myself (Kate) on 0439 995 730 or email me at

"My Breathwork sessions with Kate were deeply healing and special. Kate has a gift for holding space and being present, respecting the breather's journey while providing an aura of protection. I felt safe, loved and peaceful in her presence as I breathed through memories and fear that had been holding me back in my life. Kate is a loving, compassionate Breathworker who imparts her wisdom in a gentle, caring way. My breathing sessions changed my life and Kate provided quality guidance for me before, during  and after our sessions. Thank you Kate for your compassion and ongoing guidance.” ~ Breanna [2015] 

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