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3 Month Healing Program
for CFS & Chronic Illness


  • Have a chronic illness like chronic fatigue syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis, fibromyalgia, MS, hashimoto (thyroid), lupus or others?
  • Do you feel depleted in your energy and connection with life and your relationships?
  • Feel like you have lost hope with yourself, the medical profession, your illness and healing / recovery?
  • Feel like you don't know where to start with your healing journey and would like guidance in moving forward?
  • Need support and understanding with where you are at with your chronic illness & healing?
  • Feel chronically fatigued, and not understanding why & how to manage your energy? 
  • Suspect you may have the chronic fatigue syndrome & feel confused & not sure how to approach your wellbeing?


The Ultimate 3 Month Healing & Coaching Restoration Program maybe for you!?

The aim of this program is to deepen the healing process with my support & guidance every step of the way for 3 months & thereafter. 

This program is all about deepening the commitment to you & your healing journey. Because YOU are important & YOU matter!  Your FEELINGS matter! Your VOICE matters! Your STORY matters! Your LIFE matters! ALWAYS!

The restorative yoga & overall program, will begin to teach & attune you to discerning when you are resisting and/or pushing with your thoughts, body & energy. Learning & respecting to pace yourself through your day with loving kindness plays a significant aspect to your healing & recovery, and decreasing your overall energy crashes.

What you will receive:

  • genuine understanding, compassion & support
  • strategies & tools to help manage & overcome the challenges of chronic illness
  • validation for all that you have & are experiencing
  • support & guidance in coming to terms with your new reality
  • help to cultivate self compassion, self soothing, self care & love  
  • strategies & tools to help stabilise your energy, manage your symptoms and re-structure/re-build your life from the place you are at now
  • an understanding of how nutrition plays a vital part in healing chronic illnesses and maintaining wellbeing for long term vitality. 
  • develop meaning for your experiences & new way of being in your life
  • learn to live with peace and pace, with your chronic illness
  • restore a sense of belonging, love and wellbeing in your life
  • understand the dynamic and interaction between your family of origin 
  • exposing unknown influences that affect thoughts, behaviours, emotional and physical experiences within human relationship systems - a big part of where our energy / life force becomes depleted over a period of time, and weakens the immune system.
  • cultivate a way forward in life with compassion and;
  • ultimately find your own healing path that is RIGHT FOR YOU, as I walk along side you

What's included:

  • 12x ~ 1:1 restorative yoga, meditation, relaxation & healing coaching sessions (1 - 2hrs each) over 3 months (i.e. weekly 1:1 healing & coaching sessions)
  • A USB stick with a recorded video of your yoga sequence & relaxation
  • Weekly encouragement letters via email - These emails will also encourage you to go deeper with your healing process, and offer you a healing empowerment action step to take each week
  • 3 months of unlimited email support - And I'll email your questions for a response within 48hours
  • Folder content highlighting the key aspects of the specific healing phase we are working with & an understanding of the overall healing process
  • My relaxation CD - specifically for chronic illness
  • A devised self care & management program for you to implement in your own home, that involves restorative yoga, mediation and relaxation, and other key components for where you are at within the healing process.

N.B - This program can be undertaken in person or via skype sessions, to any place in the world.

Investment: Price for the 3 month program given upon enquiry.

What I am able to bring to this program are the key life transforming techniques that I worked for my own CFS recovery that restored radiant wellbeing. When we connect internal awareness within our natural energy flow and intuition, this powerful connection provides us with the gateway to our inner wisdom and our own healing road map, that's right for us.

My own CFS recovery journey of self discovery has given me a huge insight into the things that can cause imbalance in our bodies and how and why we do or do not heal. When we understand why we have become ill, we take a significant leap towards the resolution of our problem, in taking profound personal responsibility towards our health and life. I look forward to sharing these profound insights that brought about permanent healing and transformation in my own health & vitality.

Each of us has the power within to transform, heal, and regenerate our cells and bodies. 

This journey requires your decision and commitment to participate fully in your own healing and transformation. Your illness or chronic condition is your guide and teacher. And it brings me delight to mentor people who are undertaking an intense healing journey, or the "dark night of the soul" journey. 

I invite you on a journey of healing and self discovery with my ultimate 1:1 Restoration program.

I look forward to walking along side you, through your healing journey.

Click here to hear about my CFS recovery journey during an interview.

with love,

Kate x

"It has now been a month since I have completed Kate's 3 Month Restoration Program for the chronic fatigue syndrome. I can honestly say I feel I am getting better.

My vitality is  returning so strongly now in these last few months.  I am more able to enjoy the simple things in life. Experiencing feelings of curiosity, wonder, amazement, and just enjoying the company of people for the first time in years - since living with CFS for the last 10 years. It's a wonderful feeling to be becoming more sociable again and feeling like my old self again, but with new perceptions, awareness's and a spring in my step with energy.
A big part of my chronic fatigue, made me withdraw into isolation as I simply didn't have the energy to communicate and be around people. I think an important realization I had recently is that being isolated from people can create feelings of loneliness, anger and other negative emotions causing great stress in the body which serves to perpetuate the chronic fatigue . An endless cycle of bad feelings causing fatigue ,and then the fatigue making a person more prone to bad feelings which in turn causes more fatigue - just a vicious cycle.

I recall saying to my friend who has CFS, a couple of years ago ''I'm going to re-join the human race'' . He replied that he wasn't going to because he had lost faith in humanity, and then not long after - he died. I don't think that is the way  for my life to unfold now, as I feel Kate's program has given me the strength and vitality to be part of this world again.  And most importantly given me the resilience to restore my faith with humanity and a sense of belonging in this world with my family and the human race.

The main ways in which Kate's Restoration Program has benefited me has been the dietary recommendations which I feel silly about because I knew it all but I slipped back into old habits and patterns with food and being disconnected to my body's needs etc. Also, having someone like you Kate - believing in me, supporting me, calling me on my negative thought patterns and behaviours and encouraging me to be true to me.  As I don't have strong family connections and I'd lost faith in many of my friendships.
Thank you Kate for everything. I will let you know when I'm 100% recovered. It truly does feel  it won't be too far into the future .I'm feeling like I want to do some great things in my life now - at the age of 51 years.  One of them is bringing awareness to humanity around CFS & health issues. Kate's Restoration Program is all about reclaiming your life back again with vitality & finding your sense of belonging within humanity. It's been the most valuable investment I have given myself and health. Thank you Kate "
~ Tom , 51 years [2016]


"Kate is a wonderful teacher, mentor and healer. I credit much of my healing from chronic fatigue to the work I did with Kate. Her kind, gentle and intuitive approach is what I believe sets her apart from many other healing modalities. She has a deep connection and understand of the struggles involved with healing from a chronic illness, and is able to gently guide you down your own healing path. My most favourite part of my work with Kate was her yoga and deep relaxation practices - they truly were so wonderful! Kate continues to be an inspiration to me and I'm so thankful I was able to connect with her and work with her." ~ Lucy, 29 yrs. [2015]  

"Kate, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for your support this year – your care, guidance, encouragement and wisdom has been gratefully received.  I know I would not be as far along my path toward healing if it where not for you and the most important lessons I have learnt this year have come from my yoga. I am so glad you have taught me to listen to my body and to give it the kindness and compassion that I have always saved and given for others. I have realised that the most important thing I can do is take care of myself and give myself permission to just be, to be me, and to be grateful for the things I can do and for the good people in my life. I am so grateful that you are one of those people Kate ~ you truly are a beautiful soul. Thank you. Namaste." ~ a woman with Fibromalgia in her mid 40's, a mother to two young boys & a student counsellor working part-time, who underwent the above program.  [2012]   

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