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Womanly Yoga Classes

The Fluidity of Women's Bodies, Wellbeing & Wisdom

The essence of "The Fluidity of Women's Bodies, Wellbeing & Wisdom" yoga class series (that I’m currently exploring in my own personal practice) will offer you a safe & sacred space for re-setting  and soothing the nervous system, replenishing the immune system, balancing the neuroendocrine system, detoxing the lymphatic system, and deeply nourishing your feminine vitality from the inside out.
These classes will support any women who are struggling with their health, energy levels, emotional wellbeing, or who may just need some tender loving care towards their feminine body.
The intimate weekly womanly yoga classes are based upon my own restorative yoga healing journey with CFS, that has restored my wellbeing, and enhanced the  evolution of my own journey as a yoga teacher and student. 

These classes are a combination of graceful feminine sequences and movements; along side the practice of restorative yoga with the support of props.

Restorative Yoga poses and deep relaxation cultivates the habit of attention and learning to identify how and where you hold the layers of tensions within the body. When the mind starts to be come still you can discover a clear space from which to make life choices that support your overall wellbeing.Through restorative yoga poses, you come into harmony with your body's natural rhythms and wisdom. Living by these rhythms and your intuition is the key to radiant wellbeing.

These unique restoration yoga classes for women are for everyBODY. The first series will be starting on Thursday, 19th January.

I so enjoy offering these unique 6 week restoration yoga series, as it has a unique way of responding to the epidemic rise our western culture is facing with chronic illness, mental health, and highly stressful living in how many women are compromising their feminine wellbeing.

These series go deep into self care, self enquiry, exploring the undercurrent behind chronic illness, mental illness and the why behind how stress affects our body & mind.

These Womanly  Restoration Yoga classes are held at various centres within Adelaide.  The next 6 week Restoration Yoga Series classes will be held at a venue in Goodwood. Starting on Thursday
from 6.30 – 8.30pm. Bookings are essential. 
For further information feel free to give me a call on 0439 995 730 or personal message        

Pre Natal Yoga Classes

These gentle and empowering classes will help you to enjoy good health and energy during your pregnancy, and empower you to cope well with your labour and birth. No yoga experience is necessary.

A nurtured mother during her pregnancy, brings a nourished baby into this world.

What you will receive:

  • Empowering yoga, meditation, visualisations, affirmations and relaxation programs throughout the duration of your pregnancy~ A Stablising Program for the pelvic and sacral joints, A releasing program to release the ever tightening quads, psoas, and hips, or a Restorative program for restoring your energy in preparation for the birth, and bringing your awareness within to connect with your innate birth power and wisdom.
  • Preparing your physical body and mind for the birthing process and motherhood
  • Begin energetically connecting with your baby
  • Womb awareness and wisdom
  • Awaken your birth power and wisdom;
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Help promote the ability to get a better nights sleep
  • Improve your circulation and muscle tone assisting your respiration, digestion and overall immunity
  • Time out for you to begin to prepare yourself and your life on every level for the arrival of your baby
  • An opportunity to connect with other mums-to be and to share in your experiences
  • Empowerment, education and information
  • Awareness around how to bring your wellbeing into alignment – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Exploring and healing family patterns for pregnancy and birthing. The journey of pregnancy, giving birth and becoming a parent can be one of the most transformational times in our lives. An opportunity for much growth and healing, if we are prepared to do the inner exploration and soul searching to bring more awareness to our unconscious negative patterns and behaviours.
  • An empowering pre-natal pregnancy cultivates an empowering birth, baby and mother on all levels.
Please note: All of my pre & post natal yoga training and expertise in supporting and guiding women through this beautiful and significant rite of passage into motherhood, is with 'Bliss Baby' and other amazing international Pre & post natal Yoga Teacher Trainers & childbirth educators. Feel free to visit Bliss Baby's website for wonderful information and support ~


These Pregnancy  Restoration Yoga classes will be held at the Yoga Studio yet to be confirmed.   Bookings are essential.


Kate xx 


"Thank you so much for holding the space do you for women like me to step into and feel nourished.  It has been so wonderful sharing this part of my pregnancy journey with you.    Thank you for your openness, warmth, welcome, soothing voice, massages and care during class. All the things you shared in class, particularly the in depth breath & body awareness - were an amazing strength of confidence and power to trust and feel deeply connected to my body's wisdom and authority, during the birthing process.   I'll look back on your classes with so much fondness and many sighs of pleasure and love! ~ Elizabeth Rose [2014]



"Kate - your monthly newsletters, blogs and facebook posts put a smile on my face, as I am reminded of how your gentle warmth, compassionate guidance and chats about the inner goddess and personal power enhanced my final weeks of pregnancy and the birthing process in 2014.  This year has taken me down a path which has drawn me to deepen your yogic & womanly teachings off the mat and into every day  living with my new born and family. 

You are such an inspiration, Kate in the way that you embody your teachings and compassionate living, and have been a guiding light for my changes in life over these past 18 months."  ~ Laura [2015 ] 

Photography by Brittany Chard.  

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