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Restorative Relaxation Meditation Audios

Meditation can help us embrace our worry, our fear, our anger; and that is very healing. We let our own natural capacity of healing do the work ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

De-stress, unwind and renew with these beautiful Radiant Wellbeing mediation & relaxation CDs accompanied by soothing musical tracks.

Relaxation Meditations CD

In this healing meditation audio CD, Kate Moody guides the listener through deep relaxation to resting into deep nourishing stillness, that brings peacefulness, healing, restoration and calm to an individuals body, mind and soul. 

Many men and women experiencing stress, post traumatic stress syndrome, trauma or insomnia, anxiety, depression or pain from every day living and chronic illness find soothing comfort in this gently empowering mind-body relaxation CD for stress reduction and restoration.

The Radiant Wellbeing Meditation album includes 2x 30 minute relaxation meditations, perfect for calming the mind and body so you can rest and heal.

To see what an audio meditation with Kate is like, please enjoy this free audio meditation download:

FREE Healing Relaxation Sample FREE Healing Relaxation Sample (20735 KB)

Buy the Relaxation Meditations CD now for just $15 plus shipping! Or get one for a friend and pay only $25 for two.

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Meditation for CFS & Chronic Illness

I have designed this relaxation cd from my own personal recovery journey from CFS. Learning to relax and listen to the wisdom of my body was a significant step forward towards my recovery.

I discovered that the moment you start to truly listen to your body, you send a powerful message to your brain, and your body stops resisting the healing process. I had to break the pattern of pushing myself too hard, by honestly looking at my need to achieve and to be "always doing". The more I learnt how to relax my body and began to listen to the messages my body was sending me, I slowly started to improve.

Relaxing, listening and being in tuned to your body is about letting all the messages from your body speak to you, including the ones often shadowed by pain, the busyness of your day, or fatigue. Listening to your body is about giving your inner wisdom a chance to offer you some guidance on how to take care of yourself. And then having enough self-love to respond and follow through with the guidance you receive. It's about rebuilding a relationship with your body, seeing your pain, fatigue and illness as your guide and teacher.

I practiced this particular relaxation twice daily for 2 years.  This relaxation CD is designed uniquely for people living with CFS or chronic illness - I gently guide you through the process I used in how I learnt to relax my body deeply. The body scan is a relaxation procedure in which you focus your attention on one part of the body at a time. The relaxation response is a form of meditation that uses a focus on a word or image. Prior to coming down with CFS, I lived a chronically busy lifestyle for 15 years. It took my body 2 years to unwind the stress, tension, trauma & fatigue from my body through this particular relaxation technique.

 Here is a sample of a relaxation:

FREE Healing Relaxation Sample FREE Healing Relaxation Sample (20735 KB)

"Kate's relaxations has been one of the main things that has assisted my healing and recovery during CFS. The relaxation technique enabled me to find peace in my body and mind for the first time. To be able to rest in stillness, feel deeply connected to my body, and feel safe, tranquillity and acceptance was just incredible and so healing. I could literally feel my body becoming lighter and lighter week, after week. These relaxations have allowed me to deepen the connection to my Self and get in touch with my own intuition and wisdom. Highly recommend Kate's relaxations and her work. She is true healer, teacher and mentor." ~ Cushla

Buy the Meditation for CFS & Chronic Illness CD now for just $15 plus shipping! Or get one for a friend and pay only $25 for two.

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Pre & Post Natal Relaxation CD
Pregnancy is a time when both mother and unborn baby benefit from and need love, nurture and support in order to prepare for life after birth. Track 1 with Kate's soothing voice creates a feeling of peace and tranquillity, that allows for the connection between mother and baby to deepen and be nurtured. A nourished mother and soothed nervous system, brings a nourished baby into the world.

Track 2 is for the Post Natal period & allows the mother to enjoy 20 minutes of 'time out', just for YOU. It gives you skills, confidence and much needed rest. Set to a background of beautiful music, Kate's soothing voice creates a feeling of deep peace and invites you to rest within nourishing stillness, leaving one feeling restored, renewed and energised.

"Kate's pregnancy classes and her relaxations cd's I did throughout my pregnancy prepared me for the birth and transition into motherhood. These relaxations were a significant tool that enabled me to easily find "my zone" in birth and adjusting to my rhythm as a mother. Kate's voice and presence is incredibly soothing and nourishing." ~ Rose

Buy the Pre & Post Natal Relaxation CD now for just $15 plus shipping! Or get one for a friend and pay only $25 for two.

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Get all 3 Radiant Wellbeing CDs now and pay only $10 each! That's 3 Meditation Albums for $30 + Shipping

Radiant Wellbeing Meditation Testimonials:

"Kate’s relaxations are fantastic. They have a dual purpose for me. I use them during the day to give me more energy and at night to help me to have a restorative sleep. It is amazing how rejuvenating a 20 minute relaxation session with Kate’s soothing voice and compassionate presence can be on this CD." Mim [2015]

“Kate’s soothing voice carries you into soft, effortless relaxation, releasing the day & traumatic experiences I have encountered.” ~ Rose [2015]

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