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Corporate Wellbeing

"Yoga has the ability to strengthen the body and calm the mind. Yoga increases mental clarity, which aids concentration and memory, and steadies the emotions." quote from Corporate Wellness Magazine

I have designed two programs specifically for the workplace - Stress Management and Back Care & Wellbeing Rejuvenation . These programs have been created to address the challenges many people face in their working environment and provide tools to support you in surmounting these challenges. We can also create a personal or tailored group program in addressing specific requirements for you and your colleagues. Each program is 8 weeks long.

Stress Management Program

In our busy modern world, stress can readily accumulate in our lives triggering illnesses, back problems, a break down in the quality of life and burnout. I have personally experienced all of these towards the end of my 15 year career in my corporate profession – lower back pain and burnout that gradually led to glandular fever and then developed into the epstein-barr virus and chronic fatigue syndrome.  

Why does Dru Yoga work so effectively in alleviating stress from our body and minds?

Dru Yoga encourages the free flow of cerebral spinal fluid, releasing endorphins and serotonin that promote a state of wellbeing in mind and body, through slow movements and deep awareness.

What you will receive within the 8 week program:

  • Learn life skills in relaxation and breathing
  • Connect to and strengthen your inner core. When we strengthen our inner core we are less likely to be overwhelmed by the daily stresses we encounter in our lives
  • Learn Meditation and Yoga to soothe the parasympathetic nervous system and boosts the immune system
  • Reduce the stress hormone cortisol
  • Learn how to relax and allow the body to heal & be rejuvenated 
  • Look at where you are losing energy and personal power
  • Strengthen your postural muscles
  • Experience greater flexibility within the joints and spine
  • experience a positive change in chronic back pain and illnesses
  • Relieve pain from injury and debilitating illness
  • Relieve stress and anxiety from your day
  • Learn ways to nurture your wellbeing everyday
  • Learn easy, practical, take home skills in meditation, yoga and breathing exercises to relieve stress, chronic conditions and illnesses

Back Care & Well-being Program

Congratulations for taking the next step towards taking charge of the health and vitality of your spine. 

Self management is the best way to address back pain and taking profound personal responsibility is the key to fully recovering from any ailment, and living life to your fullest potential.

If you are willing to give your time and effort to this 8 week Back Care program, I truly believe you will experience significant benefits. The program includes a complimentary CD which supports you in establishing your back care program at home

This program will give you the tools to improve the quality of your life. 

What you will receive within the 8 week program:

  • The ultimate back care programme; 2 week stretching program, 6 week back strengthening program; Supportive and complimentary Dru Yoga sequences, postures and relaxations
  • Relaxations that are key towards the healing your spine, back and well-being
  • A complimentary Back Care CD program for your practice at home (the same core program we explore each week in class)
  •  Education, reflection questions, affirmations and exercise handouts provided each week
  • Exploring the underlying cause behind the manifestation of your back pain
  • ‘Back Care & Rejuvenation Program’ Workbook; reflection questions and back care information
  • Journal for your personal reflection
  • Empowerment, education and awareness towards a natural state of wellbeing, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

I look forward to helping you find a way to live with joy and passion, bringing inspiration and enthusiasm back into the work place.


“I started my early lessons with a stiff spine and busy mind.  I soon realised I would end each lesson with a more relaxed/lengthened spine and a calm/clear mind.  I feel more joyful and energised the more often I practise yoga.  My ability to wait in any line for my turn has greatly improved!  I find myself bursting into song and laughter a lot more easily these days.  My family most definitely benefits from my "ohm time" as they call it!!  Actually, if I miss a few sessions of yoga we all notice me "growling" again!  I love yoga and wish everybody - young and old - would give it a go – your family, the workplace and world would be a happier place, that's guaranteed.” – Susan, Administration Officer, Mother 43yrs [2012] 

Kate creates a very tranquil, relaxing and beautiful space.   She has a very kind and compassionate presence.   I am able to now sleep since attending Dru Yoga classes – insomnia and anxiety is a thing of the past.” – Branka, Practice Manager 36 yrs [2013] 


  • Work out how many people wish to participate in the program
  • Find a space in your work place that will accommodate the number of people attending
  • This can be worked out by how many yoga mats will fit on the floor or how many bodies lying down and (ideally the environment should be quiet)
  • Decide if you would like a regular weekly class for 8 or 10 weeks at a time
  • Decide on a day and time that suits you and others attending
  • Radiant Wellbeing will supply the mats and yoga instructor


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