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Getting Started with your Radiant Life

Congratulations and Welcome! J

My work is designed to help you discover your life principles of power that will bring nourishment, empowerment and simplicity into your life.  

 Below are outlines of my offerings:

 Women’s Yoga Classes

The essence of "The Fluidity of Women's Bodies, Wellbeing & Wisdom" yoga class series (that I’m currently exploring in my own personal practice) will offer you a safe & sacred space for re-setting and soothing the nervous system, replenishing the immune system, balancing the neuroendocrine system, detoxing the lymphatic system, and deeply nourishing your feminine vitality from the inside out.

These classes will support any women who are struggling with their health, energy levels, emotional wellbeing, or who may just need some tender loving care towards their feminine body. 

I offer 3x weekly classes:

 Breathwork Sessions

Breathwork is a conscious, connected body/breath technique that accesses the awareness of thoughts & decisions that have been formed in the past, and patterns that may be holding you up in the present. 

The process frees up limitations from previous decisions, beliefs or conditioning. Breathwork can reveal that trauma or difficulty in very early life can be released and resolved over time. It can facilitate the process of moving beyond fear, and the core beliefs that may be holding you back, into the freedom you desire in your life.

 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

I offer a 3 month healing program for people living with CFS or a chronic illness.

This program is all about deepening the commitment to you & your healing journey.

The restorative yoga & overall program will begin to teach & attune you to discerning when you are resisting and/or pushing with your thoughts, body & energy. It’s all about learning how to respect your pace, so you are able to move through your day and avoid your energy from crashing. You will receive guidance and coaching to move forward from the place you’re at with your challenges of CFS or a chronic illness.  

 Private mentoring ~ Your Radiant Life

My life’s mission is to help people bring great sovereignty & simplicity into their life by reducing the clutter, chaos & complexity in all areas of their life, & discover their Core Life Power Principles. I see that my personal life and business are really married into one, by the key principles that sustain my wellbeing and a nourishing lifestyle. 

I work with women and entrepreneurs who are serious about making a difference on the planet, by taking profound responsibility for their health, emotional wellbeing, happiness and prosperity. The mentoring program is based upon a unique, powerful and nurturing program of emotional healing, intellectual mindfulness and spiritual awareness.

 Restoration Retreats

1 Day Women’s Restoration Retreat

A Woman's Day of Yoga invites you to experience a special quality of nourishing stillness. The day invites you to experience peace & serenity, and feel more connected to the wisdom of your body & intuition. 

Due to my own healing journey and recovery from burnout and chronic fatigue syndrome, I'm passionate about offering women the experience of resting and rejuvenating deeply within 'stillness' and relaxation.

5 Day Balinese Restoration Retreat

This Women's Retreat (held at a beautiful 5 star Balinese Resort & Spa) is an invitation to experience a special quality of nourishing stillness, an aliveness of peace & serenity, and a feeling connection to the wisdom of your body and intuition.

This 5 day retreat will be about re-setting and soothing the nervous system, balancing the neuroendocrine system, and deeply nourishing your being from inside out.

Discover what our programs can do for you

Restorative and rejuvenating programs in the work place, schools, for women and individuals living with chronic conditions. These yoga, relaxation and meditation programs are a source of guidance, nourishment and vitality to our body and mind offering practical insights in how to reduce stress and increase energy levels. What are you waiting for?

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