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Heart to Heart ~ The Path to Wellness

This inspirational compilation is now available for you to purchase!

“Heart to Heart:  The Path to Wellness” is an extraordinary collection of true life experiences written by 40 inspiring authors, including Dr John Demartini & Bob Doyle.  

I'm delighted to have my own contribution. The chapter I wrote is called "Honouring the healing power of our humanness”. It's all about my journey in how I embraced my healing path in overcoming the chronic fatigue syndrome and rebuilding my life.

The stories shared in this book are truly miraculous, and cover the full range of the human experience - highlighting how strong the human spirit can be when faced with extreme adversity.

How can I get through this? Why me? Am I strong enough? These are the questions I asked myself throughout my health crisis, and what the other authors no doubt have asked themselves at one time or another.  Questions you may even be asking yourself right now. The good news is, you are strong enough. Your life matters.  And you are worthy of a life that is full of vibrant health, happiness, and abundance.

The beautiful theme that is weaved throughout these chapters, is the essence of life’s most powerful teachers: uncertainty & vulnerability. Whether you’re facing illness, nursing a broken heart, an addiction, or dealing with depression, or battling demons from the past, this book will illuminate your path and inspire you with the understanding that the human spirit is beyond incredible ~ that sometimes our greatest challenges are also our greatest gifts & keys to the pathway that leads to our greatness.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be a published author at Alska Publishing. Thank you Sean and Sarah for this amazing opportunity, and to all the authors for opening your hearts to bring together such an authentic, honest, and inspiring book.

In gratitude,

Kate xx  

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 "This is truly an inspiring read. Every author contained within each chapter takes you on a powerful & inspiring transformational journey....sharing authentically how they overcame their challenges and found their roadmap to empowerment. It's inspired me to never give up, and continue to find my way forward with my current health challenges. Grateful for these stories." ~ Debbie from UK [2015]

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