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5 Day Restoration Women's Retreat  Restoring your radiant self

Bali, 2016

"When a woman is grounded in the depth and center of her substance and being, a woman can keep alight the candle of her being. Her deep and quiet wisdom of life is then reflected outwardly in ever-widening circles of serenity and stillness." ~ Circle of Stones

This Women's Retreat (held at a beautiful 5 star Balinese Resort & Spa), is an invitation to experience a special quality of nourishing stillness, an aliveness of peace & serenity, and a feeling connection to the wisdom of your body and intuition.

This 5 day retreat will be about re-setting and soothing the nervous system, balancing the neuroendocrine system, and deeply nourishing your being from inside out.

Being in tune to our bodies, and knowing when to rest is essential for living well and restoring vitality throughout a woman's life cycle.

Retreat Details:

Date for upcoming Bali Restoration Retreat is August 2016. To register your interest please email me at

Please note:  I can arrange to come to your area, if you may have a group of women interested in my retreats. Feel free to give me a call or request by email ~ we can take it from there.

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