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1 Day Women's Restoration Retreat

A Woman's Day of Yoga invites you to experience a special quality of nourishing stillness. The day invites you to experience peace & serenity, and feel more connected to the wisdom of your body & intuition. 

Due to my own healing journey and recovery from burnout and chronic fatigue syndrome, I'm passionate about offering women the experience of resting and rejuvenating deeply within 'stillness'.

Being in tune with our bodies, knowing when to rest, and life is essential for living well.

At some point in our lives, we may well experience high levels of stress and burnout, suppressed emotions, and depression. This is due to not creating the time and nurturing space for self-care, such as adequate rest, nourishing food and lovingkindness.

This one-day Women's Restoration Day is an invitation to experience what it feels like to "just be" ~  offering practical tools and discussions in self-care for maintaining your emotional wellbeing and spiritual connection with self and daily life

Next Retreat Day: 27th May 2017 in Adelaide. Please email me to sign up at

Please note:  I can arrange to come to your area, if you may have a group of women interested in my workshops and retreats. Feel free to give me a call or request by email ~ we can take it from there. 



"Kate has a very nurturing and empowering nature.  She also has a wealth of knowledge.  Her voice is very soothing and presence relaxing.  I loved the whole experience throughout the day."  Marg, Personal Assistance [2015]


"Kate is warm, welcoming and delivered the day in a practical and nurturing way. I came away feeling grounded, centred and deeply relaxed. First time I've experienced resting in stillness." ~ Sarah, School Counsellor [2015]


"A blissful day of rest, relaxation, reflection and connecting deeply with myself. Thank you for sharing your story, and what brings you to offer restoration days for women - the experience of just being with myself, has given me permission to make changes in my fast paced hectic life and be more responsible for my health." ~ Clara, Corporate Manager [2015]

" Fantastic day and experience of restorative yoga.  Kate's really passionate and knowledgeable about yoga, women' health, healing and wellbeing. I have much admiration for Kate's journey and her passion for women's restoration. Thank you" ~ Karen, University Lecturer[2015]


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