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A 6 Day Yoga & Breathwork Retreat
with Alakh Analda & Kate Moody

'When we make an appointment with ourselves, the whole universe rejoices and celebrates.  Investigate, challenge and set free your inner strength.  Only then will you discover true happiness.'  ~ Mansukh Patel

This is an advanced yoga and breathwork retreat. We invite you to explore a heartfelt journey into the chakras.

The retreat is based upon our unique, powerful and nurturing program of emotional healing, intellectual mindfulness and spiritual awareness.

Each day we will explore the psychological aspects of the evolutional consciousness that is unique within each chakra. It is a personal evolutionary journey - a day focused on each chakra; exploring how yoga and breathwork can raise the consciousness within each chakra, and safely awaken kundalini energy.

This 6 Day Breathwork & Yoga Retreat is designed for: 

  • everyone who would like to develop an effective personal yoga practice 
  • those who want to explore breathwork & yoga in more depth
  • anyone considering joining Alakh Analda’s ‘Self Mastery’ Breathwork Training course  

The material in this training is unique and highly practicable, integrating into everyday living.  Each of the six major chakras has a frame of reference, a psychological aspect, through which the world is perceived. 

Alakh & Kate look forward to holding a safe & sacred space for individuals and the collective group to delve deeply into their personal journey into the self!

For further information about the 6 Day Personal journey retreat and about the facilitators – Alakh & Kate, click here to visit our facebook event

About Alakh

The training material has been developed by Alakh (Swami Alakhmurti ) from both of her roles as a swami (yoga monk initiate) and yoga teacher in the ashram of Swami Satyananda in India where she lived from 1977 – 1986.  She also has been a professional breathworker in the west since 1987.

Alakh received her Certificate of Yoga Teacher from Swami Satyananda in India in 1977, and subsequently taught on the yoga teacher training courses and Kriya Yoga courses, before her departure from India. She is certified as a yoga teacher with the Satyananda Yoga Academy and Satyananda Yoga Teachers Association in Australia.

Alakh become a breathworker in 1987 and a trainer in 1993. She had the Breathwork Mastery trainings accredited in1998 and again in 2006, 2011-2016, to the level of Advanced Diploma in Breathwork Mastery Trainer within the Australian Qualification Framework. Her sole vocation since the end of the 1980’s has been training breathwork practitioners, with the foundation of yogic wisdom and insight from her vast experiences, both nationally and internationally.

Since being back in the west in 1986, Alakh has met individuals treading the current path beyond spiritual awakening without the presence of a living master.  She has followed on both paths and presents material that is a unique contribution to the body of knowledge in the field of spiritual development in the 21st century.

For further information ~ please contact Alakh Analda. – 0413 167 688


About Kate

Kate is currently based in Melbourne, offering her work as a yoga teacher, a women's wellbeing coach, breathwork practitioner and founder at 'Radiant Wellbeing', specialising in women's health & vitality. She also specialises in the areas of pre & post natal wellbeing, chronic illness, trauma recovery, and guiding women through a soulful transformational journey into restoration and empowerment. 

Kate has been on the personal development path for over 15 years, exploring various healing  modalities and unraveling the inner journey into her Self. Kate has professionally trained as a Family Therapist, Pranic Healing Practitioner, Dru Yoga Teacher, and Breathwork Practitioner over the last 10 years. Kate has been a lifetime student exploring the healing power of  yoga and breathwork.  

Testimonials about this “Personal Evolutional Journey” 6 Day Retreat 

I loved the Breathwork  Training. It was one of the best trainings/courses i’ve ever done. I studied psychology at Uni and found in incredibly unpractical. In contrast the Breathwork training was wonderfully and hugely experiential – training in a way of being and accepting, for oneself and to support others, to learn to trust that you can stay with and breathe through whatever comes up is incredibly powerful.” 

"My Breathwork sessions with Kate were deeply healing and special. Kate has a gift for holding space and being present, respecting the breather's journey while providing an aura of protection. I felt safe, loved and peaceful in her presence as I breathed through memories and fear that had been holding me back in my life. Kate is a loving, compassionate Breathworker who imparts her wisdom in a gentle, caring way. My breathing sessions changed my life and Kate provided quality guidance for me before, during  and after our sessions. Thank you Kate for your compassion and ongoing guidance.” ~ Breanna

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