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Kind Words About Kate

"It has now been a month since I have completed Kate's 3 Month Restoration Program for the chronic fatigue syndrome. I can honestly say I feel I am getting better.

My vitality is returning so strongly now in these last few months. I am more able to enjoy the simple things in life. Experiencing feelings of curiosity, wonder, amazement, and just enjoying the company of people for the first time in years - since living with CFS for the last 10 years. It's a wonderful feeling to be becoming more sociable again and feeling like my old self again, but with new perceptions, awareness's and a spring in my step with energy.
A big part of my chronic fatigue, made me withdraw into isolation as I simply didn't have the energy to communicate and be around people. I think an important realization I had recently is that being isolated from people can create feelings of loneliness, anger and other negative emotions causing great stress in the body which serves to perpetuate the chronic fatigue . An endless cycle of bad feelings causing fatigue ,and then the fatigue making a person more prone to bad feelings which in turn causes more fatigue - just a vicious cycle.

I recall saying to my friend who has CFS, a couple of years ago ''I'm going to re-join the human race'' . He replied that he wasn't going to because he had lost faith in humanity, and then not long after - he died. I don't think that is the way for my life to unfold now, as I feel Kate's program has given me the strength and vitality to be part of this world again. And most importantly given me the resilience to restore my faith with humanity and a sense of belonging in this world with my family and the human race.

The main ways in which Kate's Restoration Program has benefited me has been the dietary recommendations which I feel silly about because I knew it all but I slipped back into old habits and patterns with food and being disconnected to my body's needs etc. Also, having someone like you Kate - believing in me, supporting me, calling me on my negative thought patterns and behaviours and encouraging me to be true to me. As I don't have strong family connections and I'd lost faith in many of my friendships.

Thank you Kate for everything. I will let you know when I'm 100% recovered. It truly does feel it won't be too far into the future .I'm feeling like I want to do some great things in my life now - at the age of 51 years. One of them is bringing awareness to humanity around CFS & health issues. Kate's Restoration Program is all about reclaiming your life back again with vitality & finding your sense of belonging within humanity. It's been the most valuable investment I have given myself and health. Thank you Kate "
~ Tom , 51 years [2016]

"Dear Kate, I have been meaning to email you. Since I read that article that you wrote, it changed my view on CFS and how I can win the battle. Then, I contacted you and you were so kind and generous to take time to speak with me. I would have never started acupuncture and yoga if I had not read about it in your article and then talked to you about it. And, I have been improved greatly. Kate, thank you for your words, your guidance, your time, your friendship, and well wishes. Your story and advice has been a huge part in my healing. You have made a difference half way around the world. God blessed me with getting in touch with you and talking with you. I hope this puts a smile on your face. With much gratitude and love. Sincerely, Gabby" [2015, USA]

"I have been having such a positive experience in Kate's classes. Each week I experience a time filled with warmth and deep healing within an enriching quality of meditative yoga and connection with myself - I touch a place within that deeply nurtures my healing body and soul. I feel so nourished from inside out. After the 1hr class I always feel so internally warm and at peace. 
I am deeply moved by Kate's compassion, genuine care and her skills and knowledge as a yoga teacher. Thank you Kate . You really do just need to give Kate's classes a go. At first I was hesitant, not knowing if these classes would bring on 'an energy crash", or what "gentle restorative yoga" really meant. I haven't experienced an energy crash during or after these classes, and Kate really does ensure everyone is able to participate in the class. And Kate gives you permission to rest if need to , and go at your own pace during class. Kate has a lovely way of checking in with you and making you feel at ease with where you are at within yourself and with the symptoms of CFS in each class." ~ Felicity, 41 yrs. Lives with ME/CFS for 12yrs. [2012, Melbourne Australia] 

"After attending only 5-6x classes, I just feel happy most of the time and more accepting of where I am at in life. ME/CFS doesn't appear to be so much of a burden in my life. I'm more accepting around the need to pace the activities in my day. I feel deeply understood by Kate. After the 10 week program, I have more energy, feel relaxed in my body, clarity in my mind and peaceful with life. I look forward to the class and connection with others each week. I have just started to work again, part-time and my days are productive at work.' ~ Belinda, 46 yrs CFS for 3yrs  [2013, Melbourne Australia] 

"Thank you for a beautiful and gentle empowering experience each week in class, Kate. Your warm healing voice is very soothing and peaceful. I can really see you have moved through your journey with such grace and love. Thank you for sharing openly, the authenticity of your healing journey with us all in class. I always travel to a safe and reassuring space of acceptance and healing within, during the experience of meditative yoga and relaxation in class. The fatigue in my body and mind, and other symptoms of CFS, like insomnia, low blood pressure, coldness in my feet and hands, are significantly easing since I have started classes with Kate. You truly do have an amazing healing gift Kate, to share with so many. I am most grateful for meeting you. And deeply inspired by your CFS healing journey and for my own healing journey. I can feel and see the evidence, I am returning to a better place of health and happiness. ' ~ Leigh-ann, 35yrs CFS for 8yrs. [2013, Melbourne Australia] 

"Kate's classes are always perfect for what I need with my chronic illness.  I now understand the importance of why I need to honor my own unique pace for healing. I have appreciated Kate's guidance around being able to  pick up on signs in my body, knowing where I emotionally hold through the body and the meanings behind them. These classes have made me realise how much I fight against my body and don't listen, and the deeper understanding behind why  I have always subconsciously pushed through and against what my body is telling me. I am deeply grateful for Kate's restorative yoga classes, her guidance, wisdom and compassion. And understanding the relationship between my body, mind and breath - and the body's intelligence to heal itself. I am healing and learning to be, accept & surrender to how each day unfolds with my body and life. I have learnt so much about myself. Thank you.  " ~ Cushla, 50yrs [2014, Melbourne Australia]


"So today is a holiday in USA: Thanksgiving.  I am not eating turkey but will be enjoying other yummy foods including a USA Southern favorite: cheese grits when dining with friends later today.

So much to be thankful for this year. I feel very blessed to have crossed paths with you and thankful for the help with relaxation cd etc, rose rock etc. You are a blessing to many. Just wanted to remind you about that.....Best Always, Eva" [2015, USA Client]


"I am so grateful for Kate's monthly restoration yoga classes.  The first class saved my marriage. I had arrived at a place in my life feeling utterly depleted and exhausted, with nothing more to give into the relationship with my husband and 18 month daughter.  Life's demands were becoming overwhelming. My mental health and confidence was declining. 

During Kate's restorations classes over a period of 6 months, I was able to create an internal space to rest deeply and replenish my energy levels and "love tank" for my family, within my stillness. I had lost connection with myself. Through Kate's teachings in integrating the yoga practice off the mat and into every day living,  I have learnt the hard way, that it is absolute paramount that I place the relationship with myself first - nourish my body & needs; and then it allows me to be fully present to nourish the needs and demands of my family.  

Life is good now.  Kate - keep doing what you're doing, creating space for women to come home to their life essence within  - to know what it means to be connected to your stillness whilst going about daily activities.  Thank you for your beautiful gift of creating spaces for women to slow down & just be. The gift of slowing down and regrouping with myself - has given my family a second chance at growing together. I am ever grateful. " ~ Kirsty, 37yrs  [Melbourne, 2015]


"Feeling excited, happy and grateful for getting to meet Kate Moody a CFS survivor. Even though it wasn't in person, you have given me hope, support, help, inspiration. Keep doing all that you do. Keep going forward with your work at Radiant Wellbeing you have great gift to offer people and the world." ~ Sincerely, your friend in the US ~ Kellie.




Comments from CFS Students after Restorative Yoga Classes with Kate Moody:

"My feet and hands are usually always cold. After class and since, my feet and hands don't feel cold."

"I have felt peaceful inside and just happy since class"

" My body felt stretched and alive; my body is more flexible and relaxed"

"I was actually able to go out Saturday night to a friend's place for dinner and out about again today (Monday). I feel good."

"I have slept much better at night since Saturday's classes"

"Please to have something to go to on the weekend, and develop new interest with yoga, meditation and relaxation...... and a way to re-connect and meet new people.  Living with CFS, you can feel so alone and isolated.  I am enjoying and appreciating the gentle connection and understanding from people in class."

" I feel really good about these classes and that I am doing something for myself and decreasing the ME/CFS symptoms."

"I am regaining a sense of aliveness, vitality and my libido again. I'm enjoying life, I appreciate the little things in life, and just feel happy after these classes."

"These classes are beneficial for easing my symptoms of CFS.  I am starting to experience more energy and enjoying life and my existence a little more."

"These classes are giving me hope, comfort and inspiration to be living life with fuller mobility in the body and ability to participate in life."

[Feedback from CFS Yoga Students from 2012, Melbourne Australia] 

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