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Mentrual Wellbeing with Katherine & Kate

Katherine & Kate invite you to a Menstrual Wellbeing Workshop ~ a sacred space to heal and connect with your inner feminine wisdom. 

This foundational Menstrual Wellbeing workshop provides a greater understanding and connection to your menstrual cycle, as well as self-care tools and knowledge to help you achieve greater emotional and hormonal balance.

Menstrual wellbeing is a vital key to women’s health, for creating and birthing our gifts into the world, enhancing our fertility, creativity, reconnecting the relationship between the heart and womb space, and nourishing our relationships with the men and children in our lives.

For further information about the workshop, your facilitators and registration, please visit our website by clicking here.

We look forward to creating a deeply nourishing safe & sacred space for women to restore the healing power of their feminine cycle & essence.

Katherine & Kate xx

Date for our upcoming Menstrual Wellbeing Retreat Day: To be advised.

Please note:  I can arrange to come to your area, if you may have a group of women interested in my retreats. Feel free to give me a call or request by email ~ we can take it from there.



"The workshop was truly a wonderful experience. I was humbled to be in the presence of women who spoke so openly about there own journeys, and who demonstrated their strength and their vulnerability in doing so. As a woman of the current world, I believe it is a great challenge to maintain balance, and to be both soft and strong at the same time. To embody both the yin and the yang really is hard work, and it is sad to think when I contemplate how society seems to fail to celebrate women, and femininity in it's wholeness. The workshop helped me to journey back in time to connect with my adolescent self, and to celebrate the beginning phases of my womanhood. I felt I was safe, and supported, and I was able to really connect with this young version of myself and in doing so something really healed and was released. I loved the yoga sequences and felt they were perfectly timed, and the information on sanitary items and kitchen remedies was really helpful. I also felt I really connected for the first time with my hormonal cycle, and felt very proud to be a woman! Thank you both so much." [Julia 28yrs, May 2012]




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