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Your Radiant Life Private Mentoring

A 6 month Journey to discover your Core Life Principles and a life you love.

I believe that we can have it all – health, prosperity, amazing relationships, connection with all, happiness, support, deep meaning, love, empowerment, passion and a nourishing lifestyle that sustains our wellbeing.

My life’s mission is to help people to bring great sovereignty & simplicity into their life by reducing the clutter, health challenges,  chaos & complexity in all areas of their life, & discover their Core Life Principles. I see that my personal life and business are really married into one, by the key principles that sustain my wellbeing and a nourishing lifestyle. 

 If what I’m sharing resonates with you, please keep reading! 

Is this 6 month mentoring program for you?

Kate works with women and entrepreneurs who are serious about making a difference on the planet, by taking profound responsibility for their health, emotional wellbeing, happiness and prosperity. She works with those who have a great work ethic, who have integrity with other women & their clients,  are positive & optimistic, willing to learn and grow, and determined to overcome all the obstacles & challenges that are presented to them.

This program is definitely not about a ‘get-rich-quick’ & ‘be healed’ scheme!  It’s a deep transformational journey that one embarks upon, taking profound responsibility along the way.  The mentoring program is based upon a unique, powerful and nurturing program of emotional healing, intellectual mindfulness and spiritual awareness.

Kate feels that the process of developing your own thriving wellness and mind-set is one of the most worthwhile things you can do in life – as it gives you better health AND sets up you up to be financially free. 

Who is Kate’s  Mentoring Program for?


  • Women who recognise the need to restore their health or business - or both; and start rebuilding an authentic and empowered foundation in their life? 
  • Perhaps you're running a business?  Women with an entrepreneurial spirit & sense (e.g. business owners,  professionals)
  • Women who want to live what they teach, and centre a business around their heart’s calling, health, happiness and prosperity
  • Women who want to get clear with their purpose, passion & path and want to understand these two powerful questions about their life and existence - why am I here?  Who am I?
  • Women who want to love what they do for work
  • Women who are finding health challenges or sustaining their energy levels have always been a struggle,
  • Women who keep falling into patterns of burn out 
  • Women with a strong desire to transition from a traditional or corporate job into owning their own business
  • Successful women that want to reinvent their lives, and align their work with their life values & heart’s desires
  • Self starters who want to create an additional income stream and/or thriving business
  • Successful coaches and wellness professionals who want to integrate residual income into what they’re currently doing
  • People who are coachable, willing to grow, be honest with themselves, look at their shadow & core beliefs, and want to learn
  • Women who are ready to step up to the next level of personal development within their lives and professional careers.


Please note:   Kate also offers a soulful transformative VIP Day that's about getting clear in where your growing edge is at within taking your  life & business to the next level. These mentoring programs are designed to meet you where you're at within your life and the experience is available in person and/or Skype sessions.  

To apply for the  VIP day intensive &  6 month mentoring programs,  please contact Kate at to organise a phone or Skype call to see if this program and working with Kate, is for you!
During 2017,  Kate is only working with 6 women in her 6 month transformative mentoring program ~ now is the time to express your interest. There are 4 spaces left.    

“ I am so glad I followed my intuition and asked Kate to support me on my journey to develop and grow my business in a way that nurtured me and allows me to live with a sense of purpose and joy.

Kate is a fine example of living her life with a sense of purpose, radiant health and joy, and it’s a true gift she is passing on to others.

Thank you so much, Kate. “ ~ Tanya,  founder of Moon Tribe ~ Fertility yoga teacher & coach.

"Thank you so much Kate, for the simplicity, compassion, acceptance, empowerment, and guidance over the 6 month journey together. I started with you, feeling very overwhelmed, confused & unsure of my direction after I left my Corporate career. Your encouragement, the gift of insight you have with people & their gifts & purpose, and your patience with my internal process during this mentoring program has given me the clarity & confidence to move forward with my life...for the first time with passion, purpose & joy.   You have a beautiful gift of bringing out the best in people & their current situation in their life, and guiding people through the chaos into clarity and vision ." ~ Clare,  Personal Trainer & Life Coach   

Photography by Brittany Chard.

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