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    Replenishing feminine vitality



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Women's Yoga & Meditation
  Replenishing feminine vitality
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* Monthly Restorative Yoga at Kumbada Studio  6 Ridge Rd, Kalorama VIC

**Monthly Couple Yoga & Tantra Practices at TLC Birth & Beyond, 1288 Burwood Hwy, Upper Ferntree Gully VIC

Sunday morning restorative yoga 2014 Dates:   2nd Feb, 6th Mar, 14th April, 4th May, 1st June, 6th July, 3rd August, 5th October, 2nd Nov & 7th Dec....

RADIANT WELLBEING's offerings in 2014:

Couple Yoga  for deepening connection & intimacy    
 Come along to an enjoyable afternoon in the beautiful Dandenongs with your loved one, where a safe, respectful & supportive space will be offered, for couples to nurture and deepen their intimacy, and open to greater connection & reverence with each other.

Begin revitalising your relationship, as we start the workshop coming back home to yourself first, with individual breathing exercises & yoga postures, followed by couple yoga postures & stretches, a 1:1 tantra yoga sequence, breathing exercises, and playful connection exercises, for nurturing your relationship & intimacy. The day will be completed with a deep rejuvenating relaxation.

When:  Monthly Sunday afternoons, 2- 4.30pm. $57 per couple. Refreshments provided.   Inquiries welcome & bookings/payment essential, on 0439 995 730.  

Due to  the popularity of these Sunday afternoon Couples yoga & tantra workshops in 2013, I have scheduled to hold regularly next year.  I look forward to creating a safe, nurturing & playful space throughout 2014 for couples to reconnect more deeply & intimately with each other. 
Dates for 2014:  2nd Feb, 23rd Mar, 27th April, 6th July, 3rd August, 5th October, 2nd November, 7th December.


"Couples yoga with Kate was much needed by my husband and I. Kate's gentle yoga left us feeling very open and rejuvenated, it was great to be able to deepen the bond with my husband and spend some much needed time together without our parenting hats on.

My husband works incredibly long hours and Kate's relaxation techniques have helped him to let go of a lot of the stress he carries home from work as well.

A very lovely afternoon"
  ~ Nicole & Jordon [October 2013]

A day of sacred rest & restoration for women
This 1 day of sacred rest & restoration will provide a nurturing space of restorative & feminine yoga, meditations, relaxations, & self care practices.

Due to my own healing crisis & recovery journey with the chronic fatigue syndrome 3.5yrs ago, I am passionate about offering women the experience & sacred space for deep “rest & restoration” that brings every woman home to her wisdom & true nature. 

Setting aside regular time & solitude for your self, is vital to replenish & nourish your feminine vitality & for feeling empowered.

Dates for 2014: 26th Jan, 8th March, 10th May

What others are saying:
"A day of sacred rest & restoration with Kate was very enjoyable & deeply relaxing. I came away feeling much lighter, brighter, nourished & loving towards myself & family. Kate has a lovely way of guiding you through the yoga & relaxation. Her voice takes you on a beautiful internal journey to stillness & deep peace. Thank you." ~ Joyce [October 2013]

Deeply healing & beautiful workshops with Katherine & Kate

Katherine & I have come to realise the healing power & richness behind the work we offer together for women's wellbeing & empowerment.  We look forward to offering 3x deeply rejuvenating & healing workshops in the 2nd part of 2014.  
If you are interested in our women's workshops, do put aside the following dates in 2014: 28 & 29 June (Menstrual Wellbeing), 26 & 27th July (Fertility Wellbeing) & 28th September (Mother & Daughter Wellbeing)

These foundational Menstrual & Fertility Wellbeing workshop provides you with a greater understanding and connection to your menstrual cycle as well as self care tools and knowledge to help you achieve greater emotional and hormonal balance, and enhanced fertility.

Menstrual Wellbeing is a vital key to women's health, in creating and birthing our gifts into the world, enhancing our fertility & creativity, conceiving a child, reconnecting the relationship between the heart and womb space, and nourishing our relationships with the men and children in our lives.

We had such a wonderful workshop in May 2013 with the women who attended.  If you are interested in these workshops, please do touch base with us.  Here are what others are saying about our workshop:

"The workshop was truly a wonderful experience. I was humbled to be in the presence of women who spoke so openly about there own journeys, and who demonstrated their strength and their vulnerability in doing so. As a woman of the current world, I believe it is a great challenge to maintain balance, and to be both soft and strong at the same time. To embody both the yin and the yang really is hard work, and it is sad to think when I contemplate how society seems to fail to celebrate women, and femininity in it's wholeness. The workshop helped me to journey back in time to connect with my adolescent self, and to celebrate the beginning phases of my womanhood. I felt I was safe, and supported, and I was able to really connect with this young version of myself and in doing so something really healed and was released. I loved the yoga sequences and felt they were perfectly timed, and the information on sanitary items and kitchen remedies was really helpful. I also felt I really connected for the first time with my hormonal cycle, and felt very proud to be a woman! Thank you both so much." ~ Julia 28yrs [May 2012]

For further details, please visit our "Menstrual & Fertility Wellbeing" website ~ Click Here

Pre & Post Natal Wellbeing Workshops with Honor & Kate

Honor (psychologist) and Kate (pre and postnatal yoga teacher) have joined forces through their common interest in empowering and nurturing mums and mums to be, to create workshops for these women.  These monthly workshops in essence, combine 'stretching and chatting'.  Each one has a different topic and will run for about 2 and a half hours once a month on a Saturday morning at TLC birth and beyond,  an organization that provides services to empower mothers, located in the foothills of the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. 

Topics for the workshops include things such as assertiveness and self- esteem building, mother and baby bonding, self care practices in nurturing emotional wellbeing, managing the transition to parenthood for couples, exploring family patterns – from generation to generation and more. What makes the workshops unique though, is the mind body element, where the topic will be covered with not only psychological education and counselling with corresponding empowering yoga sequences

Medicare rebates available.  If you wish to access for group therapy, see your GP for a referral.

Women's Wellness coaching packages with Kate

A healing road map for awakening the woman and feminine power wisdom within you.  The woman's journey into her Self coaching program will open you to a more natural way to express all aspects of your authentic self with healthy boundaries.  In these sessions you will experience what it is like to arrive fully in your body, learn how to nourish your female energy, ground deeply within your feminine essence and awaken your feminine radiance & vitality.

Chronic Illness healing packages with Kate

The ultimate healing and coaching program will you a way to overcome the challenges of chronic illness, validate the realities of your experiences, come to terms with your new reality and ultimately find your own healing path as I walk along side you.  For further information see the CFS tab > Self Management Program.

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